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OSGeo Korean Chapter are running two days online FOSS4G Korea 2020 event on 12-13th November 2020.

FOSS4G Korea is OSGeo Korean Chapter’s annual event and the largest festival focused on open source geospatial solutions in Korea.

This event will be held for the first time on Online, and will be divided into Korean track and English track.

■ Dates

12-13th November 2020

■ Programme

Online technical workshops and presentation of the main conference will be conducted using the online webinar platform (Zoom).

⊙ Workshop Day

Schedule: 12th November, 13:00 ~ 19:00 (Seoul, Korea Standard Time)

⊙ Online Main Conference

Schedule: 13th November, 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Seoul, Korea Standard Time)

⊙ Annual General Meeting

There will be OSGeo Korean Chapter’s Annual General Meeting after finishing all the sessions.

■ Sponsors & Registration

There is no registration fee for this event. However we recommend voluntary donations.

■ Sponsors

We sincerely appreciate all the organizations and individuals who have supported this great event.

⊙ Platinum

⊙ Gold

⊙ Silver

⊙ Personal Sponsorship

YunJung Jang(University of Seoul), Byunghyuk Yu(Korea National Park Service), Eun-soon Park(Seoul Institute)

■ News

Event news is continuously provided through the homepage, mailing list, Facebook, and Twitter.

■ Organizing Committee

Sanghee Shin, Byunghyuk Yu, Junyoung Choi, Jiyoon Kim, Junho Lee, Hyekyung Kang, Dongha Oh, Seunghoon Cha, Jeonghwan Yoon, Kyusung Choi, Yoonjae Jeong, Ohgyun Kwon, Minpa Lee

■ Special thanks

■ Code of Conduct

Participants at FOSS4G Korea Online 2020 are expected to act respectfully toward others in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

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